The Spectrum Gate initiatory system includes six ranks: Student, Dedicant, Neophyte, Initiate, Wanderer, and Traveler.


A Student has reached a formal training agreement with a qualified Teacher to begin the Spectrum Gate curriculum.


A Dedicant has committed themselves to studying the Spectrum Gate system, developing their personal spirituality, and exploring their connection to divinity.


A Neophyte is actively pursuing Spectrum Gate initiation, and undergoes necessary training.


An Initiate cultivates proficiency in the Spectrum Gate ritual system.


A Wanderer is actively training to become a Traveler, and searches for their own way of contributing to their community.


A Traveler has completed the Spectrum Gate training system, and is able to continue their personal journey with the skills they have acquired. Wanderers must choose one of three paths to become a Traveler:


Teachers feel called to educate. They have studied teaching techniques, and are ready to train new students.


Leaders feel called to work with community. They have studied various social and political models, and are ready to run their own Spectrum Gate group.


Adepts feel a calling that is neither teaching nor leading. They have discovered and developed their own way of contributing their community.

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