Spectrum Gate Mysteries offers a blend of traditional Wiccan and modern Neopagan ritual techniques. Our altar features many familiar tools with a few new additions, and rather than orienting the elements to the cardinal directions, we take our cues from the natural landscape.

Spectrum Gate circles typically have three officiators: a Greeter, a Builder, and an Anchor.

The Greeter is the ambassador of the circle. They address the congregation, greet the elements, and petition deities.

The Builder is the metaphysical muscle of the ritual. They are responsible for creating the energetic structures of the circle and its gates.

The Anchor is responsible for the physical space of the circle. They tend to the items necessary for ritual, and serve as an energetic point of stability for the Builder and Greeter.

All three officiators work together in ritual to cast a Spectrum Gate circle, and other roles may be added as necessary or desired.

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