About Our System

Spectrum Gate Mysteries is an initiatory religious ritual system that embraces all genders, sexes, and sexual preferences. We believe there are infinite ways to connect with each other and with the divine, and we strive to support all of them. We offer a comprehensive training curriculum to help seekers hone rituals skills, and rites of passage that cultivate spiritual development. Our system is orthopraxic, not orthodoxic; there are no mandated beliefs. While our approach reflects the polytheistic bias of our founders, we encourage practitioners to find their own meaning in our liturgy and ritual.

Our system is based on Traditional Wicca, and borrows heavily from Blue Star Wicca, but it is not a Wiccan tradition. We cast a circle to create sacred space using gender-neutral officiating roles, and the deity or deities honored in circle need not be a male and female pair. Our rank system encourages initiates to find their own unique ways of contributing to their community, and celebrates all contributions equally.

About Our Name


Spectrum Gate Mysteries explores how various points on life’s many spectra interact with one another to create unique experiences. We understand sex, gender, and sexuality to be just a few of these important spectra, and we understand that one’s place on any given spectrum is not necessarily static. Consequently, our system is designed to be versatile and adaptable, allowing members of any personal identity to experience ritual, community, and divinity in a wide variety of energy dynamics. The flexibility of our practice is also intended to reflect the variety of nature. Each ritual will reflect not only the people conducting it, but also the land it is conducted on.

In all matters, we aim to be as inclusive as possible. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, sex, sexuality, or economic class, and we strive to support people’s varied physical needs and learning styles.


Spectrum Gate Mysteries offers seekers an avenue by which one may pursue spiritual development and establish a personal connection with divinity. We believe that spiritual connection cannot simply be given to someone, but must be actively sought by each individual. The system is not the goal, but one of many valid roads that lead to the goal. We believe that there is no single universal “right”, “correct”, or “best” path. Each person must find their own way, a way that is uniquely right for them. The system we offer is one of many gateways to a state of spiritual awareness.


We believe that some experiences are profound beyond articulation. Life is full of moments that offer stunning encounters with divinity that simply fail to fit into a linguistic box. These moments are mysteries, the very root of mysticism, and we embrace them. We also believe that there is no substitute for experience. Reading about a ritual, or even reading its script, is not the same as participating in it. There is value and meaning in action and experience. One may study Spectrum Gate Mysteries for decades, but without actually undergoing the rites of passage, practicing the system, and living the experiences our rituals offer, one cannot truly understand the mysterious whole that is our path.

You can learn more about the fundamental principles of our system in Casting a Queer Circle by Thista Minai.

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